Welcome to our resources page - a place where you can find all the help you need to tie up any loose ends or answer any questions you may have. Browse through our inventory of useful guides, read articles about inspirational role models in the nursing industry, and have a look at what we suggest you bring along to our events to aid you in your search for your perfect career.

What to bring along to our Nursing Times Careers Plus Events

  • Bring along copies of your CV - it is a great opportunity to be noticed by our recruiters.
  • Research our recruiters - make sure you have a list of your top 3, and what in particular you like about their company
  • Make notes on what interests you - note down some conversation points or any questions you’d like to ask our recruiters.
  • Most importantly be yourself and have fun - our careers events are designed to be informative and educational, but also fun, immersive and insightful. Make sure to be yourself and the right job will come along!

Useful Nursing Times Articles

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Listen to our podcast hosted by Laura Whitehead, an Adult Critical Care Nurse and qualified lecturer to hear about the diverse profession that is nursing...

Take a look at what our Nursing Times editor, Steve Ford, has to say about out new, revamped nursing career fairs!

Helpful documents

Download some helpful guides and interview prep such as:

  • Questions to ask in your nursing job interview
  • How to prepare for your first job interview
  • Developing your career in nursing
  • 10 ways to create an eye catching CV

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