Are you looking for nurses?

Nursing Times Careers Plus is a fantastic opportunity to connect with student and registered nurses that are seeking employment.

New for 2024 – we will be offering tailored services to help you, as recruiters, find the right candidate, delivering recruitment agency services without the hidden costs! Contact us to find out more - 020 3953 2115.

Key benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Connect with registered nurses at all career levels seeking the next step in their professional journey
  • Conduct direct interviews with potential candidates during the exhibition
  • Engage in speaking opportunities, mentorship, and guidance sessions to provide thought leadership to nurses and carers
  • Showcase and demonstrate the impactful initiatives of your trust
  • Gain association with Nursing Times, the independent voice of nurses
  • Highlight the commendable work taking place within the NHS

To hear more about our opportunities, please contact:

Rafael Younes
020 3953 2115
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